Grenadilla is music for kids, their families, friends and neighbors -- joyful music is filled with up-beat melodies, multi-layered voices, kwela-flavored rhythms, a touch of Cape Town jive and a hint of the blues.

Our latest album Can't Wait won a prestigious Parents' Choice Gold Award and Creative Child Magazine CD Of The Year Award.

Grenadilla brings you the sunny sounds of Cape Town with singable, catchy melodies, flawless harmonies and danceable rhythms. Shake your hips, clap, tap, stomp and dance along!

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Need an instant pick-me-up? Try Grenadilla's dancing rhythms, gorgeous vocal blends and sunny lyrics spiced with kwela, an irresistibly effervescent style of music indigenous to South Africa. Named for the South African word for passion fruit and founded by Cape Town-born Debbie Lan, Grenadilla is a six-member, all-female group of singers whose voices weave Lan's original songs together in velvety melodic layers.

A sampling: The title track embraces each day as a glad opportunity for learning and growing. "C'mon C'mon," an invitation for together time, is tenderly wrapped in African-flavored harmonies. "Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Do" is simply a playful delight. Lan crafts her happy songs with the expressive chops of a cool pop pro, providing stand-out lead vocals, as well as piano and piping pennywhistle. Guest musicians round out the CD with polished flair.